Our values

Our guiding principle is founded on humanity, tolerance, and responsibility towards our stakeholders. We see these stakeholders not only as customers but also as business partners, including our employees. We understand that the value of our traditional buildings and prime rental spaces is derived not only from our historical development but also from the environment in which all our stakeholders are included. Even the best location cannot compensate for a lack of authenticity. That is why we offer you not only outstanding locations for commercial and private use but also historically significant buildings that guarantee authenticity.

What does Aigner do?

We hold valuable properties acquired at favorable prices, which are rented out at affordable rates. Through our own transformer stations, wells, energy systems, and strategic procurement, our tenants benefit from sustainable low operating costs. The more affordable the rents, the longer and more stable the rental duration.

The meaning of Aigner

With our diverse range of offerings and years of experience in the industry, we can accompany and support entrepreneurs as well as individuals in achieving their goals. We provide more than just optimal spaces or affordable areas; we offer valuable insights and appropriate properties based on our expertise in location selection. Aigner is also a reliable partner when it comes to equipment or questions related to asset formation.

How did Aigner come into existence?

Aigner is based on the principle of minimal economics, which means minimizing economic expenses for maximum returns. We at Aigner expand this principle with our core values: humanity, tolerance, and responsibility. This means that we are not just investors; we are also developers and creators. Real estate provides a high level of security, which can be further enhanced through tenant relationships and good employees, forming the basis for building wealth. We take pride in guaranteeing that acquisitions are never larger than half of our existing portfolio.

With five Aigner Green Business Parks along the A1, we offer a wide range of locations because a strong foundation is the basis for the future. That's why Aigner provides not only residential spaces but also logistics areas at various locations. The well-being of our tenants is always our top priority, which is why our properties are conveniently located near the West Autobahn. This is not only appealing to individuals but also beneficial for the transportation of goods via trucks, ships, or trains along the A1.

Aigner Green Businessparks

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