Do you offer the best rental prices?

We guarantee the best price for new lease agreements in the commercial real estate sector. Factors to consider include, among others, rental duration, location, area, ceiling height, fire safety, access possibilities, loading ramps, and gates.

What distinguishes the Aigner Business Parks?

The principle of our work is to provide professional advice and support, offering our expertise and experience. As specialists in commercial, industrial, and specialized real estate, we focus on understanding the market, the prevailing conditions, and all anticipated factors that may arise. We reject exaggerated assessments in your best interest since our aim is to achieve the optimal transformation of your or our assets. Our priority is to attain optimal prices that are realistically achievable in the market in the long term.

Do you buy properties?

Wir sind stets auf der Suche nach neuen Immobilien, welche in unser Portfolio passen. Als Verkäufer genießen Sie viele Vorteile der Aigner Immobilien.

What is the Aigner emergency service?

If something doesn't go as planned, you can also report disruptions to us on weekends. Furthermore, our properties are equipped with up-to-date fire alarm systems. The passenger and freight elevators are equipped with a telephone service.

Is a broker's fee due when renting a property??

No, the properties are rented directly from the owner to the tenant without any brokerage fee.

How quickly is a property ready for occupancy??

Generally, rental agreements usually begin on the 1st of a month. In special cases, it is possible to occupy a property during an ongoing month, in which case a pro-rated calculation is agreed upon.

What is the minimum contract duration??

In the scope of rental law, there is a minimum rental duration. If you agree to a shorter rental duration, the stipulation is not valid, and you will be faced with an indefinite rental agreement. There are several factors to consider when determining the rental duration, which should be discussed on a case-by-case basis. The minimum contract duration is typically one year. However, it can be individually negotiated based on specific needs and circumstances.

Are commercial properties also offered for individual use?

Aigner offers versatile options for the use of rental properties, including the possibility of individual use for commercial properties. However, this intention would need to be discussed with us in a personal conversation beforehand.

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